Team Saggo

Team Saggo

Head Coach | Professor Paul Abel

MMA/Wrestling Coach | Matt MacGrath

Xcessive Force WW Champion - ECC WW Champion - Elite One WW Champion - 25+ Pro MMA fights - Black Belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu - Black Belt Judo

Assistant Coach | Lance Campbell

Bio Coming Soon

Manager | Mitch Mayberger of Fight House Management

Mitch Mayberger began training at TriStar Gym in 2007 where he trained alongside many of his future Fight House clients, becoming familiar with the industry and the business of MMA management through conversations he had with fighters who were dissatisfied with their representation. He realized that his business and marketing background and networking skills could help create opportunites that were beyond what the fighters he spoke to currently had. After three years at the revered Montreal training facility, Mayberger became heavily involved in helping his teammates with management and sponsorship, and as a natural progression, he founded Fight House Management with Tristar owner and head trainer Firas Zahabi.

Having negotiated business deals with some of the largest organizations in North America on a corporate business level, Mayberger saw an opportunity to parlay his experience into his management business to assist some of the top athletes in the country at TriStar, and he has done so successfully for the agency's 20-plus clients. Brokering major sponsorship deals, yearly endorsements, and fight bookings in major promotions across North America, Mitch has positioned himself amongst the premier MMA managers in the sport.

Event Coordinator | Jason Figliano