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Focus / Concentration

- Increased awareness of your opponents body movement (ability to read your opponents moves = telegraphing)
- Increased ability to focus on technique and specific details that may otherwise be overlooked
- Improved accuracy with your striking (precision)


- Improved ability to remember the step by step sequence for techniques (clear mind)
- Allows you to access all of the tools / weapons / techniques you posses
- A deeper more in depth understanding of technique (awareness)

During Training

- Enhances energy, strength and vigor
- Increase creativity (allows you to combine techniques and be artistic)
- Develops intuition (the ability to know what to do – see your opponents weaknesses)
- Increased emotional stability (the ability to remain calm during a fight / competition)
- Easier to remove bad habits (awareness of your Bad Habits and the ability to change them)
- Gives composure (Never allow your opponent to know you’ve been hurt)
- Helps living in the present moment (focus on the task at hand)
- Lowers oxygen consumption + decreases respiratory rate + It increases blood flow and slows the heart rate  ( Your cardio and stamina will improve)
- Improved flow of air to the lungs resulting in easier breathing (listening to your breath has a calming effect)
- Less energy wasted (only use the muscles you have to, let everything else relax)
- Increased range of motion through flexibility gains

Post Training

- Reduces stress and muscle tension carried throughout the body (leads to deeper levels of relaxation which is important for recovery)
- Enhances the immune system so you won’t get sick as often
- Purifies your character (calms the ego)
- Improved performance in athletic events ( due to all of the reasons above)
- Need less sleep to recover from sleep deprivation (Require less time to fall asleep)
- Increases listening skills (to listen to your coaches and training partners for advice)
 - Helps make more accurate judgments (awareness)

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