About Jason Saggo


Jason Saggo (born November 23, 1985 in Toronto, Canada) began his journey in martial arts while studying Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Guelph. After graduating from University, Jason headed to Thailand to study the ancient art of Muay Thai. He lived, trained and studied under former champions of Ratchadamnoen and Lumpini stadium before competing in his first professional Muay Thai fight, winning via head kick in the 1st round. To celebrate his victory, Jason drove his motorbike over 5 000 km across Thailand by himself, visiting various beaches, villages, waterfalls, wats, rice fields, and, most importantly, spent time connecting with the people. This incredible adventure inspired Jason to combine his passions and pursue his dream of travelling the world, all the while studying martial arts.


In 2008, Jason travelled to the Philippines to compete in his 1st international grappling tournament. He submitted all 10 of his opponents winning the Gold in the Pan Asian International Grappling Tournament. Jason returned to Thailand 1 month later to compete in Muay Thai for the Phuket championship belt against a tough opponent from Japan. After a gruelling come from behind battle, Jason won the match in the 4th round via KO. During his time in South East Asia, Jason was fortunate to visit such countries as Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Jason believes that exploring other cultures helps us connect with humanity on a deeper level.


For his next Martial Arts Adventure, Jason headed to Brazil to study Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He trained for 6 months under the tutelage of the Gracie family on the island of Florianopolis. After absorbing all the information he could during that period, Jason and his wrestling coach backpacked, heading north until they reached the Amazon River. They travelled down the Amazon River via tugboat but unfortunately, his coach contracted Malaria, cutting their journey short. After his friend was well enough to return home, Jason headed to Peru to hike the famous Inca Trail.


Jason is an avid hiker and has also completed the Centennial Ridge Trail (the highest maintained trail in the Canadian Rockies) as well as the West Coast Trail (a 77 km trek). Jason loves the outdoors and wishes to do his part in sustaining the environment. In the summer of 2006, Jason planted over 60,000 tree saplings and the next summer, he continued to do his part as a forest fire fighter. 


In 2010, Jason travelled to Japan to train with one of his idols, Genki Sudo. He studied Judo and MMA while living in downtown Tokyo for 1 month. After the training camp was complete, he was fortunate enough to visit the majestic Mt. Fuji. He befriended a man known as ‘Mike the Monk’ who encouraged him to pursue Vipassana Meditation. When Jason returned to Canada he completed a 10 Days of Silence training course where he learned to utilize India's most ancient techniques of meditation. 


In 2011, Jason travelled to Hawaii to study MMA at BJ Penn’s (former UFC lightweight champion) camp. He enjoyed great training, and admired how the Hawaiian people share a deep connection with the land and nature as a whole. On the island of Hilo, Jason was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga which is now part of his daily training routine.




In 2009, Jason had his professional MMA debut in Ireland, winning via submission in the 1st round. Jason has found his home base and now trains under the guidance of his main instructor Paul Abel who is a black belt under Royler Gracie. Jason is aggressively climbing the ranks of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)155-lb division in Mixed Martial Arts, and is working on improving his record of 10-2-0 (all wins coming by way of submission). Jason maintains a rigorous training schedule and as well as training at his home base, he is fortunate to be able to travel to Thailand regularly to train and work with a variety of experts. 


In October 2011, Jason also traveled to India to further expand his knowledge of Yoga. He completed a 200-hour Teacher Training Course and also backpacked throughout the country. During his travels through India, Jason was impressed by the peaceful co-existence of such a large population even though diverse deep-seated beliefs exist among them. Jason came back with a greater sense of patience and acceptance which transpires through him as a teacher, friend and Martial Artist. 


In December 2012, Jason then traveled to Vietnam to explore the country via motor bike. This was one of Jason’s most unforgettable experiences. Biking through the northern mountains of Vietnam is what he describes as his most epic motorbike journey to date. From the incredible landscapes to the memorable encounters with the hill tribes, this was a trip that reminded him of why travel remains his passion.


Upon his return home, Jason made a big decision to move from Ontario to Prince Edward Island. In a short time since his move, he has been impressed by the people and landscape of the gentle island and is looking forward to sharing his passion for yoga, martial arts, fitness and living life to the fullest.